Lena Marti

12 Week FitBride Experience

Get in the best shape of your life, for the biggest day of your life – experience the FitBride Program!

The Online Experience

Lena Marti

Founder & CEO

Coach Lee was born and raised in Queens, NY which is where her love for fitness flourished. She was a professional dancer, featured on BravoTV’s Work Out New York, competed in 3 bikini competitions, and earned her business degree, making her the self-made entrepreneur she is today. With +14 years of experience in the fitness industry, FitBride by Lee was born. FitBride was inspired by one of Lena’s clients, who had such an amazing transformation before her wedding day. Seeing her progress, lessons she learned, & the joy she had on her wedding day became the foundation of building the program that would cater to all brides; FITBRIDE. Through her years of experience and knowledge, she built her expertise on transforming a woman’s body based on body type, programming, nutrition, and mindset coaching. Training with Coach Lee, you can expect to work hard, learn, and see results.

Lena Marti

Complete personalized fitness solution


Lena’s programming specializes in targeting specific muscle groups to build lean muscle, speed up the metabolic rate, and shed body fat using 12 week time frames. With the FitBride program, you can expect strength, interval, and circuit based training customized to fit your specific needs.

Nutrition Plan

Learn and discover what your body needs with our complete meal program; recipes included! This nutrition plan is designed to boost your metabolism and immune system, and to teach you the keys to success with nutrition: preparation, consistency, and discipline.

Mindfulness Coaching

Review habits, both good and poor, and celebrate what you did each week while bringing awareness to where improvements can be made. Watch your coaching videos from Lena, giving you all the information you need to practice awareness and health in your day-today life throughout the program and after.

Accountability Tracking

We will send you bi-weekly reminders to track your progress through 360 degree progress photos, measurements, and weight. Seeing is believing!

Wearable Integration

Connect your wearable device with the app to track your daily activity levels and workout metrics like heart rate and calories burnt.


Bonus cardio days are included in your programming so you have options for your cardio and rest days!